Out Da Box Radio Sits Down With Apollo Brown - (Audio)

This week Out Da Box Radio did a special interview with Michigan based Mello Music Group Producer “Apollo Brown”. We were fortunate to speak with Apollo a few weeks ago to discuss specifics about his music history and recent career success. He took the time to speak in-depth about how he got his start and who some of his influences were in music. We also got a chance to reflect on some of his recent successful projects, like the “Trophies LP” with O.C., The Guilty Simpson Project (Dice Game), and this year’s collabo project with Ghostface and Ugly Heroes. Apollo also took a moment to give some insight into his studio set up and equipment range by noting his preference towards using more minimalist/vintage equipment which he feels is best suitable for his style and just as effective as any updated software or new piece of music equipment. Apollo also reflected on what it was like to produce an Alternate version of Ghostface Killah’s “TRTD” Album A.K.A(The Brown Tape) stating that he had never heard of the original version and it felt like he was recording the music backwards, by having to produce around the pre-recorded vocals. In closing, Apollo brought us up to date on his latest collabo group project with emcee’s Verbal Kent and Red Pill better known as “Ugly Heroes”. It was a great pleasure to speak with such a talented and accomplished producer of our time. With so much great music already under his belt, I can only see further progress and success on this brother’s journey. I certainly wish him the best as he continues to grow musically in the future. Definitely feel free to pick up some of his recent releases over a mellomusic when you get a chance. In the meantime be sure to check out our insightful radio interview with Apollo Brownhimself. 

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