John Wize - "Project 1.0" (Producer Tape) - Free Download LP

PROJECT1.0j (1)
Project 1.0" is John Wize' first official release, even though he has been making music for over seven years now. John Wize, member of the Stereo Crew, is a producer and occasional vocalist from Detroit and has lend his production skillz to not only his crew members Stereo Boyz but also local artists Supa Emcee, Valid, Side Notes Marvin Winans and others.
John Wize did not only want to make a beat tape, but wanted to introduce his music all around, so he put together a compilation of instrumentals and full tracks (featuring Stereo Boyz, Perfect Eclipse, B-Side and more), with every song on the project produced by him.
John Wize is a fan of 90s Hip Hop as well as Soul Music and anything that he feels will make a good sample. His influences are the likes of Curtis Mayfield, J.Dilla, Isaac Hayes, Pete Rock as well as Kanye West. 
About his vision for his music he says: "I want to pay homage to my influencers and at the same time teach my generation about the art of sampling".

"Project 1.0" is a well rounded project, with beats & rhymes for all hip hop heads alike. Check it out and grab your free download below.

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