Masters Of Ceremony Touring With Raekwon On The F.I.L.A Tour

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After a great deal of work, investments and self devotion; Masters of Ceremony is finally getting their chance to rise up and perform across the Canadian market with The Chef him self Raekwon. The duo previously known as raw illest continues to leaves their fans, friends and family members wondering what they will accomplish next. After the release of their latest self titled EP "Masters Of Ceremony" the urge to get on the stage began to surface. With the help and dedication of New Media Records and their management team lead by their 5 year long manager Joferson Blanco; the duo soon found themselves preparing for their biggest obstacle yet. From time to time it may seem like rappers are mostly speaking about themselves, how ever the truthful meaning behind their art can be far more than most could interpret. Masters of ceremony strives towards a much bigger goal while facing the adversities of making their music sound socially acceptable. This duo unlike most others portrait a sense of awareness for the musical content, "We seek to awaken the masses by encouraging the pursuit of ones goals and ambitions". Abstrakts' unique ability to captive and entertain aligned with his counterpart Grenades' lyrical metaphors makes this an interesting duo to watch perform. If your looking to watch the duo perform you can catch them as the special guess performers on Raekwons' F.I.L.A (Fly Luxurious International Art) tour. With the support of their official sponsors Pangea Life Essential and HRTLS Design Co and their official DJ 1oak (1 of a kind) from Los Angeles, this tour will be one to be remembered! 

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