Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eric Lau - "Where To Go Now" (Ft. Tawiah) - (AUDIO)

Once again Eric Lau is delivering dope track, if this new joint is any indication of what the bulk of the rest of his upcoming album “One Of Many” sounds like then we should be in for some good sounds throughout the entire project. Check out the tracklist and features up on the album via Kilawatt Music and look forward to the release date on June 17th.


  1. the cover is dope - BLACK HOLLYWOOD COUPLES

  2. Who is this lady? where is she from? can we get a interview from her unsunghiphop? please do- I so want to know who the next jill scott, erykah badu, chrissete michell is- thers not enuff of them

    Great post brotha!

  3. never hurd this b4 nice sht #Chilly