White Man In Black Face - Celebrating Black History?

Okay I'm black and I know this video is suppose to offend me but I'm not. Most blacks would consider this to be racist or stereotypical. My thing is this black people put on white faces in movies and sketch comedies making fun of their mannerisms etc. I must say we do feel entitled to do this because of all the negative things whites have done to us in the past(SLAVERY). But despite of the entitlement issue it would still be considered to be racist. Either way right or wrong one is not better than the other. That fact is one race stereotyping another race is something most people do behind close doors(Except for the Police). Final thought, I don't think this comedian is racist maybe a little insensitive, or ignorant maybe, but really I think he's just trying to get some exposure and make a name for himself. And he's doing a great job since we are all talking about this guy and before today I was unaware of his existence. What do you think?

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