Chaka Khan - The Clive Davis Conspiracy

I always knew Clive Davis had shady business practices he was the mastermind behind Whitney Houston's career. It's that same machine the drove Whitney to drugs and to Bobby Brown to help her deal with her lost identity. Whitney was a "Hood" chick trained to look and act accordingly to appeal to a crossover audience. If you look at Whitney's early career you will understand what I am saying. So I'm not surprise that Clive Davis went on with the party because Whitney was just "Talent" to him and the show must go on. He has exploited Whitney, Busta Rhymes, even Alicia Keys, they all seem to leave after their contract is over. Why do you think? I know Whitney felt bad when she had to go back to him when she wanted to restart her career. I wonder who will profit from her death the most? It probably won't be her daughter or her family... What's your take this situation?


  1. That's definitely one way to look at it.

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    Interesting story. hh365

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  4. I've always said that Clive was shady and not to be trusted.