Battle Rap - Miles vs Tech-9

SMACK/ URL's Summer Madness was the biggest MC Battle event in history. The card was stacked with some of the best MC's in the world and one of the most anticipated Battles of the evening was between Philly"s Tech-9 and Detroit's Midwest Miles. These two lyrical giants put on a performance to be remembered. Tech-9 is one of the best freestyle artist but I've always wondered how can you package it and sell this type of talent. Fact is most Battle Emcees don't make it in the Big Game normally because they change there styles and their original fans drop off. It was rumored when Jay-Z was beefing with Nas they were going to do a PayPer-View. Imagine if Underground battles got to that level, would you pay to watch your favorite Emcees go against each other? I know I would pay to see Lil Wayne Vs. Black Thought from The Roots.

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