Black Star - (Mos Def/Talib Kweli) Announces Second Album 2012

Back in the day 1998 to be exact, Black Star released their one and only album, Mos Def and Talib Kweli Are Black Star. More than a decade later, Mos Def is no longer called Mos Def he's now Yasiin Bey but he and Kweli are making the second album together. The first new song dropped almost a year ago and didn't reappear until last month, when Black Star performed on US TV show The Colbert Report. The biggest surprise isn't that the track is produced by Madlib, but that it's a riff on a line by Dizzee Rascal. Fix Up opens with a quote from the east London rapper, entreating listeners to "Fix up, look sharp!" Black Star released a second song, You Already Knew. With that came the announcement it's "the first song off Black Star Aretha, the group's [forthcoming] tribute to the legendary singer". While there's no release date for the album, Kweli previously promised a Black Star record in 2012. So fans like myself are anxious about this project its been a long time man I still rock the first Cd. As a matter of fact it's still in my ride right now in heavy rotation. My favorite track on it is "Thieves In The Night", my all time favorite Mos Def/Talib Kweli collaboration. What is your favorite Black Star song?

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