Joe Con - "Mark Twain" EP - {Audio}

Fresh of his latest musical pilgrimage, Joe Con emerges with a succinct, powerful set of Boom-Bap bangers to remind us why we took notice of him in the first place. "Mark Twain", is a six song EP overflowing with knocking beats, intricate, thought provoking verses, and dizzying wordplay. This isn’t simply a return to form; it’s the next chapter in an already impressive artistic evolution.
Teaming up with producer iLLa Truth (MASSacre Music Group), Joe wastes no time in reminding listeners what he does best. The aptly titled opener – “Bookcover” – is both a statement of purpose and an open challenge: “I dare you judge a book by its cover...Joe practically begs his listeners to take the bait. They’ll be glad they did. Behind iLLa Truth’s dark and brooding production, built on chest-thumping drums and innovative melodies, Con’s powerful timbre and evocative imagery take center stage. The results are nothing short of excellent.

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