ILLClinton - "Good" & "Yeah Yeah Yeah" - {Audio}

Georgia's dynamic artist/producer duo, ILLClinton, jump off the new year with two new tracks, "Good" and "Yeah Yeah Yeah". 
Continuing to show you their musical renaissance, "Good" is just what the title implies: good vibes, good chemistry, and good music. Brennan, the group's versatile rapper/vocalist, bounces between rapping and singing effortlessly while setting the mood with his imagery on the extremely dope Blake Belair instrumental. 
The song is definitely geared towards the ladies, but the fellas will definitely be able to turn up to the catchy, heavy hitting track.  
"Yeah Yeah Yeah" is short and sweet. The beginning of the track dives straight into Brennan rapping/ vibing to the Blake Belair instrumental, before crooning at the end of this dope loosie track. These two brothers continue to deliver great music, and this 2016 is setting up to be a great year for the Atlanta natives. 

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