Skipp Whitman - "It Sucks Being Broke" - {Video}
Ok REal HipHop fans here is your chance to put some Real HipHop on the mainstream circuit.  Skipp Whitman  is a HipHop artist from Brookline, Massachusetts. He has released three self-produced albums, the first “Free Agent” in 2007, “Skipp City” in 2011 and his most recent “5am” in September 2012. Skipp City is his most successful album to date, with its lead single “Famous” single reaching #2 on the college radio charts.  Checkout the video below which is in the top 5 of MTv's "The Freshmen" series.  Then go vote HERE for Skipp Whitman.  You can vote as many times as you like.  Let's keep REal HipHop Alive..!!

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