3oNe3 - "Guide Me Home" - {Video}
Here is 3oNe3 visuals to "Guide Me Home", off their mixtape Entourage, and even though it's a little "Drake'ish" for my taste, I decided to post it because like the concept of this single. 3oNe3 call themselves a Hip-Pop group, coming out of The University of Missouri with main vocalist Flexy and female Bitsy who makes a appearance in this song but not all of their projects. Flexy does pretty much all the music you hear from the recording to the engineering.  So in other words he's a younger version of myself, but better  Flexy and I have had a brief conversation and he knows I'm a Hardcore HipHop fan.  So I must admit I don't post all the things this talented Emcee sends me but I do love his drive and dedication to being himself in his music.  Checkout the video below and then click one of the links below to hear some of his other stuff.  Let us know what you think.

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