Femi the Drifish & The Out of Water eXperience - "Be Free" (Remix) - {Audio}

If you don't know by now The Out of Water eXperience (OWX) are a force to be reckoned with.  Each album they release pushes HipHop to stratosphere most groups are afraid  to travel.  Being inspired by J Cole's "Be Free" performance on the David Letterman Show they decided to release their own version paying homage to J.Cole.  OWX consist of some of the most talented artist in the world, Femi The Drifish, Chuck "Da Madd-Ox", Mo Rece, AJ Taylor, Kevin "Yeah" Jr. Powe, Spyda Drummer, and Tony DragonWizard Johnson.  There hasn't been a group this gifted with over 3 members since the Wu-Tang Clan.  If you haven't heard the OWX before sit back and enjoy the ride, this is what REal HipHop is made of.

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