Cheef The Grim Reefer - "Hacksaw Grim Duggan" EP - {Audio}

Hacksaw Grim Duggan cover art
 Fresh off the release of the well received Bluntskins album, Cheech & Pro P, 2/3rd's of the Bluntskins team up again to release a new free 6 track Ep in the run up to the soon to be released Cheech Solo album which is in the works right now due for release towards the years end/start of the new year.
The Hacksaw Grim Duggan Ep gives a flavour of whats to come from Cheech's solo material but also features fellow Manchester Emcees Fabz (Meeting Martin), Spider Jaroo (NSR) and The Mothership Connection (Goshin, Legion, Dubbul O & Cheech).  This is that REal under Underground music I love it straight raw no chaser.  If you want to be respected in the game, stay underground you don't need your CEO all up in the videos dancing Big up to Suge Knight.

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