If Dr Martin Lurther King Was Alive Today, Would He Be Proud Of Our Progress?

Martin Luther King Injustice Archival Print
Are we really living Dr. Martin Lurther King's dream?  I mean yes black people have made some progress since his death but, how much? We have more black men in jail or killed every year by other black men. I've always wonder if Dr King was alive today what would he say about the state of black people. We used take a stance for equality and justice but now it seems every man for themselves. What happen? Besides the fact that every "Real" black leader of the past always seem to get assassinated or jailed for some trumped up charge. What can we do to rid ourselves of the curse placed upon black people?  This now self inflicted ignorance that continues to destroy Black American families most certainly force us into extinction.We are now our own Worst Enemy, so until we learn to get over our petty differences and work together by freeing ourselves from Mental Slavery, we will continue to experience the residual affects of Slavery. Ask yourself this: What are you doing to help the unification, survival, and the education of black people?  We spend a lot of time trying to Get Rich instead working together and being Wealthy.  You see being rich is Shaquille O'Neal, but being wealthy is the guy the pays him.  I believe if your not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.  Watch the video below, if Dr King was alive this is how he would feel. "Who You Wit"? - Bernie Mac  
(Art work Courtesy Of Marcus Kwame)

Courtesy Of The Boondocks

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