Devine Carama - "Dear Beloved (Letter To Rapsody)" - {Audio}

Preparing the release of his No Child Left Behind LPDevine Carama allows us to share a brand new track SClusively to wet listeners tastebuds in the form of “Dear Beloved (Letter To Rapsody)”.
Confessing a love for Jamla emcee Rapsody, Dear Beloved (Letter To Rapsody)” displays an admiration from one emcee to another. Over DJ Well-Blended‘s soulfully potent instrumental, that actually mirrors something Rap’s mentor 9th Wonder would produce, Carama gives respect where respect is due and even compares Rapsody to the legendary MC Lyte – “In a game full of darkness you emcee light/ You’re the reincarnation of MC Lyte.”
Supporting the release with a few lines about Rapsody, Camara admits, “I first heard Rap when I moved to NC a couple years ago. She was a breathe of fresh air. Not just lyrically but content-wise. I know she doesn’t like to be looked at as a “female” MC but rather a rapper period, but you can’t deny the alternate style she brings vs. the “sex symbol” image that dominates most of the “female” MCs today. My daughters love her. I felt it was only right to show respect and love and hopefully turn some more people on to her.


  1. heart felt joint - dope post

  2. No child left behind! This is dope! I can dig it!

  3. There aren't too many rappers spittin' it through the wire like this. I can dig it man. S/O Devine Carama

  4. Good looking on the post Unsung