Devine Carama - "Believing In Forever" - {Audio Download}

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Devine Carama just released the final leak from his upcoming Believing In Forever album. It's a lyrical opus entitled "Priory Of The Rhyme Pocket" which begins where "Keepers Of The Boom Bap" (off my last project The Dream Walker FreEP) left off. This follows my first 2 singles "Satan Radio (66.6 FM)" & "Something More".  Kind of remind me of a young Jay-Z with his voice and fast rapping skills but this dude is the truth not a copycat or Jay wannabe.  Actually he's more like a Jay-Z flow with Talib Kweli conscious lyrics...yup he's that good.  


  1. That's my guy right there always dropping dope content

  2. DOPE, and I aint even listen to this joint yet......LMAO hahahah

  3. Sike naw he sounds like Big L mixed with a younger Papoose---->S/O Devine Carama