ILL-Legitimate: THE ALBUM - {Audio}

These  Band of Brothers is full of dope Musicians and dope Lyricists. ILL-Legitimate's goal is beyond self-mastery HipHop they also practice the mastery of martial arts and it's elements. This ten man crew might have some similarities to the mighty Wu Tang Clan but they have their own unique sound and style.  I've listened to this Cd twice already its pretty dope and you can bump it in the Whip as well.  The crew consist of Anonymouz, A.O.K. (Assault of Knowledge), Azrael, Copasetic, DJ Booz,
DJ Kilocee, Nicky Scarfo, P-Butta, Risskant De Woordvoerder
and Sythe.

All ten solo artists have combined to bring you a special listening experience. 

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