The Eu4ick Music Group, In Co-Operation With New Media Records Presents “Might Begin (Promo)” - Frak


What might this begin? That’s probably a question you've had to ask yourself more than once in your life. Frak tumultuous experiences involved with his love affairs have made it difficult for him to make a connection. #MightBegin touches upon what outcomes may possibly befall him and his beau, acknowledging his instability and her insecurities, along with the sexual temptation and drama that comes along with all interpersonal, intimate relationships. Fraks performance is heartfelt, amplified by incredible production, the masterful engineering of Araz Productions, and the incredibly eye catching artwork of EJ Negre
Closure is extremely important. Be it in regards to end of a relationship, or the end of a life; without closure too many questions are left unanswered. Fraks promotional project titled #Closure relates to the importance of finality and understanding that all is as it is for a reason. Four individually released singles are the flesh and bones of this two month campaign. The four track promotional project will feature a video release for the final song. 
It's amazing how when Drake came out more Emcees felt comfortable to express their it's growing on me I'm not necessarily my favorite genre of HipHop but I'm learning.

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