Giano Releases New Mixtape "Not Until They Say" - {Audio}

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Virginia-based producer/Emcee Giano presents a remix/mash up/mixtape entitled “Not Until They Say” – a tongue-in-cheek title implying that the formula for success in entertainment is based largely on a proverbial group, “they”.  “They” are the music fans, established artists, record labels, bloggers, etc.  There are many expert opinions on what the exact formula for success in the music industry is, and “Not Until They Say” does not attempt to use a formula nor define one; rather, the album is a social commentary as well as personal testimony outlining Giano’s thoughts on the subject, even poking fun at the contradictions in himself as an artist seeking success, and loosely providing greater insight into the theme on each progressing track.  It’s not until “they” say that you’re special [that] you get in, but even “they” wait until “they” say…you kidding? Giano raps on the title track, suggesting a vicious cycle in which the powers-that-be await the next buzz-worthy artist to emerge whose acclaim is likely created by the very people waiting for it. 
Giano has released several previous projects, including 2012’s “S.O.R.I.”, which featured production by S1, Sinuous, IllMind, and Apollo Brown, and received positive reviews from online publications. 
I consider myself an emcee seeking to be transparent about the way I’m experiencing the world, using as little hyperbole as possible, and yet giving the listener good Hip Hop music.Giano

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