Old School Vs. New School The Beef Continues Between Lord Jamar & Yelawolf - {Video}

The controversy surrounding comments made by Yelawolf in response to Lord Jamar's views on whites and gays in hip hop has been raging for some time now, and in a sit-down with VladTV, Lord Jamar and radio personality Star don't mince words about their thoughts on the whole thing.

"I will slap the sh*t out of you...just watch your f*ckin' mouth. That's all, man." said Star.
"That's all," agreed Lord Jamar.

The interview continues, with both Lord Jamar and Star going on a passionate rant against Yelawolf and what they perceive as the racist, aggressive, and hypocritical response of his fans.

They conclude the interview by weighing in on the acclaimed film "12 Years a Slave," praising it for keeping the painful history of slavery on the nation's conscience.

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