Oddisee - Interview

Out Da Box TV is proud to bring you a very special episode featuring Washington D.C.'s acclaimed Producer/Emcee "ODDISEE". We got a chance to sit with Oddisee recently at his NY home, and he shared some truly interesting information about his outlook on life and music career. In this episode, which is the 1st of a 2 part series, Oddisee speaks on a number of topics including how he got his start in music, being a leader in the D.C./DMV music scene, what he strives to achieve with each rhyme, and what matters to him most in his life. He even gives some interesting insight on ways we can make progress despite the current state of our economy. This Interview turned out to be so extensive, that I actually had to split it into two parts. Next week I will release Part 2, which will delve more in to Oddisee's technical music approach and explain more about his successful record label "Mello Music Group". We also captured some really cool footage of Oddisee working in his home recording studio. This guy is the truth representing the DMV with mad integrity and respect.

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