Immortal Technique - Out Da Box Tv - Interview

Out Da Box TV presents a special new interview with Harlem's intelligently outspoken and passionate Emcee "Immortal Technique". We caught up with Tech, recently at a show here in NY, where he was gracious enough to provide us with a very insightful interview. Tech took the time to speak on a set of topics including his recent humbling experience visiting Haiti and seeing the conditions of the people. He also shared solutions that people of the U.S. could use to strengthen themselves in this currently struggling economy, and gave some advice on helping to strengthen the minds of our youth as well. He concluded the interview with some worthyl details on his anticipated, upcoming album "The Middle Passage", which hopefully will be released before the end of the year. It was indeed a great pleasure buildin' with one of the most honest and politically aware artists in music today.

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