Kendrick Lamar - Out Da Box (Interview)

Out Da Box TV is proud to bring you a special new interview with Compton, L.A. Emcee "Kendrick Lamar". Fresh off the release of his "Section 80" album, we spoke with Kendrick when he visited NYC last month. To us, he really brings a breath of fresh air to the hip hop scene and we were grateful to have a conversation with him. In this interview Kendrick spoke primarily on the greater purpose of his music. He touched on topics such as his subject matter and lyrical approach, fulfilling his purpose outside of the music, giving back to the community, and much more. It was a great pleasure buildin' with someone we believe will have a longevity effect in the music biz. Kendrick has a unique emcee presence and a humble vibe that will take him a long way. We wish this brother much success.

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