Dead Prez - "No Way As The Way" - {Official Video}
 Dead Prez outdid themselves with their single "No Way As The Way" off their “Information Age” LP available here.  If you haven't purchased this album yet you are not a true fan of HipHop.  Following in a tradition most Emcees never dare to tread,  Dead Prez  are one of the few Hardcore HipHop groups to make being smart in the Hood look cool.  Just about every last one of their tracks is about unity and empowerment.  There are only a hand full of Emcees today who has taken a similar path, Immortal Technique, KRS-One, SA-ROC and Jedi Mind Tricks just to name a few.  Check out the video below and then go purchase this album if you want to support REAL HIPHOP.  A Revolution might not be televised but it sure could use a Stimulus Package.

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