Diamond District (yU, Oddisee, Uptown XO) - "First Step" - {Video}

If you haven't heard of Diamond District then you are probably NOT REal HipHop fan.  We never get tired of posting any material released by yU, Oddisee, or Uptown XO as a group or solo artist. Unlike most Emcees theses individuals concentrate on quality over quantity.  Once you watch their video make sure you go support them, they are one of the few artist who remain underground on purpose.  Similar to the underground legend Tech N9ne they learned early in the game owning the rights to all your material is more beneficial in the long run.  That's why most artist go Broke after they are not so called "Hot" , even if their songs are in heavy rotation the corporations make 85% of the sales in most first record deal contracts better known as 360 Deals.  As a whole more money is made by the artist in underground HipHop he may not move as money units but earn the same as a major corporation.  So selling 100,000 units you can be a millionaire as a independent artist.  Boom....!!!

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