The Black Opera - "Queen Of Hearts" (Ft Mayer Hawthorne) - {Audio}

  One of my favorite albums by The Black Opera is "Queen of Hearts" off at XXL for Valentine's Day.  The track is a mellow introspective rundown of all the things that "She" is, or could be, to her King.  Who is "She"?  Decide for yourself.  The Black Opera and fellow creator Mayer Hawthorne, who is featured on the hook of this track, each have their own interpretation of the perfect "Queen of Hearts".
Mayer Hawthorne, who has coined his new-school Motown sound, adds a spicy eloquence to the track while the TBOG's speak on who their ideal Queen is, and who she isn't.  Lines like "She could be my Queen to be" are greatly opposed by others such as "Im not tryina make a hoe a baby momma, drama".  This song is more than your average Valentine's Day bullshit.  Treat your girl to the MP3 of "Queen of Hearts", not dinner at the Sizzler tonight, player.
Message From The Black Opera:

"While in search of his Queen of Hearts, or some would say, KUEENZ of Heart, the King was not very trusting with any of his beautiful possibilities.  Once he learned how to trust himself, then and only then, was he able to trust and L O V E Without A Limit."

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