Fortunato x DJ IV - "Play Your Cards" (Dir. by Joe Cash)b - {Video}

Born and raised in Toronto, Fortunato is known for his gritty hard hitting raps and ferocious flow. The key to Fortunato’s creative process is preparation and his experience, vocabulary and versatility is what sets him apart from all other rappers. Onyx has been Fortunato’s number one influence not only through music but also around the business of music, touring and being a professional artist.
Fortunato’s live performance encompasses all the elements of HipHop by using a DJ and B-boy which has earned him performances at Halifax Hopscotch FestivalTeam Back Pack cypher and the A.F.R.O. show in Halifax.
As an independent hip-hop artist one thing that you need to be able to do is tour and Fortunato has more than enough experience performing on both national and international stages. 

Fortunato has toured Europe with Onyx and headlined his own "Four Flags” tour that took him across five Canadian provinces.
Fortunato has collaborated with producer Sean One on his "Blue Collar" album which reached #3 on the National Hip Hop charts and his latest release,"2 Bad Dudes" features Classified's DJ, DJ IV. This year, fans can expect two new albums from Fortunato along wit
h a bunch of music videos along with a cross Canada tour.

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