Slaughterhouse - "Goodbye" - {Video}

 Slaughterhouse‘s Boi-1da produced “Goodbye” was by far my favourite track on the supergroup’s debut album, Welcome To: Our House. The song is about saying “goodbye” to loved ones- Joe Budden to the identical twins he was supposed to have with Esther Baxter;  Crooked I to the uncle who helped bring him up; and Ortiz to his late grandmother- and the different experiences of loss are movingly rendered by all three rappers.
The video pretty much functions as a reconstruction of each verse, alternating between shots of the trio sitting with relatives or partners by hospital beds and close-ups as they recount their individual stories in an empty hospital corridor. The most abstract thing about it is the decision to employ a beautiful angel of death (I don’t think it’s the vocalist herself) to act out the sampled chorus. Whilst her attire might seem a little bit fancy-dress, her appearance brings a new lease of life to the deathly hook. Indeed,when she appears rather ghoulishly in the foreground as Joell consoles his young son in the background, it’s hard not to be won over to the device. Alongside that shot, the shattering of the ultrasound image of Budden’s lost twins is also a true tug on your emotions.  Checkout the video below


  1. yea this is definitely a masterpiece #Chilly

  2. SFDotNet12:06

    Awesome visuals to an emotional track. Also one of my favorite tracks off the album. Good stuff!


  3. Jaymee13:26

    dang this is dope!

  4. Anonymous14:54

    good post TP of OCEANVIEWBLVD

  5. 2nd dopest group behind Black Hippy!!

  6. I'm feelin it. GB