K-Rino - " Grand Deception" (Illuminati HipHop Song) - {Video}

Amazing..., I've been saying this for years and K-Rino just wrapped it all up in a 5 min track that you will never hear on the airwaves. Besides most people don't want justice and truth they want to drop it like its hot, do the stinky leg, get laid, get drunk, get high and get money. It's this kind of mentality why 90% of the wealth is made by 10% of the population(90/10 rule). Because 85% of humans are caught up in the Great Lie, and they love it,...this song was designed to wake you my friend. Ask yourself, are you a leader or a follower? Are you really doing what you want to do or doing what you've been trained? Leaders make their own path followers just get in line. Where do you stand?

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