Jonathan Sosa - "Leakshore Drive" LP - Audio Download

Jonathan Sosa doesn’t make Spanish rap, he's just a rapper who happens to be of the Puerto Rican/Dominican decent. His heavy onset and insane lyrical ability automatically draw the comparisons to late great Spanish Emcees – but Sosa is clearly paving a unique lane for himself, and his team. At twenty-five years old, Jonathan Sosa has already made his presence known all around Jersey, and is quickly becoming a familiar face on the East Coast Underground scene. With the immaculate ability to write both R&B & Rap, J. Sosa is already prepared to make his abiding position known in the music industry on a mainstream level. Fueled by the continuous growth encompassed by his fellow Alkatraxx members, Sosa is the newest member of the elite squad swarming through the Garden State, battling opponents and independently selling out venues demanding attention. After thirteen years of practice and mastering his craft, Sosa has located his sound and now put together two solid mixtapes, Fool’s Gold & Leakshore Drive. Influenced by the likes of Jay-Z, Big Pun and Nas, Sosa’s multifaceted style makes him a legit contender and force to be reckoned with. Make no mistake Jonathan Sosa is here to stay.

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