Hopsin - "Picasso" - {Official Video}

Hopsin is one of those highly skilled underground lyricists who is highly misunderstood.  Being one of the smartest rappers in the game doesn't come with a whole lot of fan appreciation.  But they do last the test of time, Hopsin has proven himself time and time again.  

Yet in my opinion, he has failed to capture the mainstream audience.  Don't get me wrong despite not being signed to a major label he has become a successful millionaire and probably has more money than your favorite rapper.  But if rappers were paid on lyrical content and complex bars he would be a billionaire. I've been a fan since the beginning when he sounded like the "Black Eminem ". I mean he did admit it was Em that inspired him to rap so yeah I can see why.  Just imagine a Hopsin and Eminem collaboration, now that would be epic.

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