Majesty Mell - "Still Amazing" - {Video}

Majesty Mell is a NYC based HipHop Emcee, visuals from his single "Still Amazing" is off his EP "Hollows N Dum Dums" which was directed and edited by himself.  Majesty is a great example of what you must do in order to be successful as a HipHop artist today, which do as much as you can yourself and learn the business around the music.

No longer are record companies offering large sums of money to finance your career.  In fact you must have a finished project, your own fan base, a huge Buz , and practically a #1 single to even be considered for an offer from record company.  So tell me why do you need the record label if you have all of those things in place? I'm sorry I went into "Preacher Mode", checkout what a REal HipHop artist sound like below, this dude right here got some serious Bars.

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