Rapper Big Pooh - "Stop" - {Official Video}

Rapper Big Pooh returns with a new video for the Apollo Brown produced track, "Stop." Pooh has dedicated this album to illustrating the complicated issue of race in America.

The new video tackles some of the more subtle and nuanced issues faced by Americans. So much is said through the media and so many troubling stories are passed down that being Black in America can mean being constantly on the defensive.

You can hear these eternal truths on Words Paint PicturesBig Pooh’s debut release for Mello Music Group. Over seven songs and two remixes, the North Carolina Emcee captures the complex agonies of the human condition—specifically the black experience in America over the last several centuries. These are tales of racial profiling and corrupt politicians, reality TV distractions, thieving preachers and rapacious exploitation—all offset by tremendous strength.   We are in a era where most black people want to "Turn up" and "Twerk" but that is a luxury we can't afford right now. With so despair in the black neighborhoods it's time to focus on the REal enemies and issues that plague us.  I wish we had more artist like Big Pooh who creates music to inspire the people rather than feed on their insecurities. 

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