The Floacist - "Feel Good" - {Official Video}

It seems like yesterday when Floetry the dynamic duo graced our presents back in 2001.  Like most groups they've had there ups and downs.  They both released solo projects which kept there names buzzing in the streets.  I must admit The Floacist was always my favoirite, I'm glad to see her doing well.  

What makes this video so bitter-sweet for me is that she looks great and the music is on point but that's my homeboy from Baltimore in the video with her (he's also a Emcee) playing as her man.  I was floored in laughter when I saw this, no real hate but a bit of  I'm cool he's been one of the dopest Emcees out of B-more for about 15 years now.  He has toured the world doing his thing, big-ups to my man Komplex @MrKeepOnMoving, peace.

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