Iko The Rainman - "Broly The Super Saiyan Time Bomb" (Ft. FDT & Young Deshi) - {Video}

Iko The Rainman wears many hats in HipHop, from artist, to comedian, and writer.  He created his alias "OPERATION 5:AM", often abbreviated as OP5 or OP5TV, which eventually became the alias name for his crew. "Broly The Super Saiyan Time Bomb" is the second single off of "Tales From The Attic" which is a sequel to the first project "Basement Musik".  The evolution of HipHop is upon us, get prepare to take REal HipHop back from the corporations major corporations that own them.  It's artist like these they help us break mediocrity of the genre of music I love. 

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