Emɐnuǝl X - "Part Of The Plan" - {Audio}

 Philadelphia's own Emɐnuǝl X single "Part Of The Plan" off of his DEADSTOCK mixtape takes you deep into his story. HipHop is a culture but ultimately it's an expression of art which can be powerful in the right hands. With that being said, we're subjected to subliminal messaging through the media everyday, and Emɐnuǝl is trying to interfere with those negative messages and replace them with some positive ones with his own self expression.  This ladies and gentlemen is what I call a True Artist, it's a shame most artist are afraid to express themselves.  But I do understand why they don't, being poor most of your life then offered money which empowers you to take care of your family but at the cost of selling your soul and telling lies to the people, is a tough choice to make.  Ok enough speeches checkout the video below, go out and support Real HipHop.

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