DJ Doom & Nutso 'It's Just Begun" (Ft.Large Professor, Tony Touch & El Da Sensei) - {Audio} 
It's been just over 2 years since the passing of legendary recording artist Jimmy Castor. To mark this occasion, Blunted Astronaut and DJ Doom are proud to present a very special tribute to one of the most important B-Boy anthems of all time - the 1970 funk masterpiece "It's Just Begun".

Hailing from Brooklyn, NYC, Doom has been immersed in HipHop culture since the days of his youth in the early 1980's. Graffiti writer, B-Boy, DJ, producer, there's not a lot the man hasn't done! On this third BA release, he teams up with Nutso for a truly unique project, revisiting a timeless classic that carries forward the musical legacy of the late, great, Jimmy Castor for years to come.

His trusty SP1200 is once again put to work, and with guest appearances by Large Professor, Tony Touch and El Da Sensei (The Artifacts) this limited 7” is guaranteed to be another Blunted Astronaut sure shot.

It's also worth noting that the label artwork (by Mr. Krum) is inspired by the layout and typesetting of the U.S. 45 on Kinetic the much treasured 'original' version. This is not for the average HipHop fan but the Go Hard type of person who really know and respect foundation.
Checkout the mix below it truly represents HipHop in it's birth years. 

Side A:
'It's Just Begun'
Produced by DJ Doom.
Written by Nutso, Large Professor, Tony Touch & El Da Sensei.
Cuts/Scratches by DJ Tha Boss.

Side B:
'It's Just Begun' (Instrumental)
Produced by DJ Doom.


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