K.O.T.D. - Canibus vs Dizaster - Vendetta

For those unable to make the live showdown, the event will also be available live June 9th on pay-per-view via the KOTD Ustream channel. This is one event that underground rap enthusiasts' won't want to miss, and is sure to go down as the most explosive match-up in battle rap history. Broadcast in high-quality audio and video for you to enjoy with thousands of people from all over the world. There will even be a chat where you can interact with fans from everywhere, LIVE as battles happen. There will be exclusive interviews and 2 camera angles with a live editor on site! It doesn't matter if you live across the sea in the UK , Australia or here in North America, you can order the PPV and be apart of history first hand. Its the next best thing to being there live. Contribution by Calvin Hussey

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