Monday, November 2, 2015

Fong-Sai-U - "Last Words" - {Audio}

Washington D.C.-bred, California-based rapper/producer Fong-Sai-U presents "Last Words"dissin' Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill. This track comes on the heels of "Enough", featuring Wu-Tang affiliate Prodigal Sunn, which will appearred on The Last Ronin, his forthcoming album.  Fong's last album was Ballads Of A Massacre, featuring the late Guru of Gang Starr, Dice Raw and Buddha Monk. Fong has collaborated with Black Thought (of the The Roots) who also was his mentor and the guy who took Fong on tour.  In 2011 Soulspazm Records released Fong’s album A Soldier’s Story, which featured Raheem DeVaughn and Res
"For some reason people act like Wale is the only rapper in DC. He can speak for himself but I did feel some type of way about it. I'm not going to let any man talk reckless about anyone In our city. I be in Philly. Hell, Black Thought was my mentor.  "I had to do this because the nigga his mouth too much."- Fong-Sai-U

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