Thursday, December 4, 2014

Diamond District (Oddisee, XO, yU) - "A Part Of It All" - {Official Video}

Probably one of the dopest groups on the east coast, but most of y'all never heard of them.  One of the great lyricist once said " Ni**as with knowledge is more dangerous than Ni**as with guns, they make the guns easier to get and try to keep Ni**as dumb" - Talib Kweli.  That's how a feel when it comes to extremely talented groups like Diamond District.  We all say we want change but we don't support our local HipHop artist who's raps are filled with conscious inspirational lyrics that represents the community.  Let me get off my soapbox...


  1. Their Nice
    Diamond District (Oddisee, XO, yU) - "A Part Of It All"
    I can dig it