Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Phoniks Presents "Summer Nights" - (Jay-Z - "Change Clothes") Remixtape Series Vol VI) - {Audio}

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Phoniks is a HipHop producer from Portland, Maine known for his vintage-90's boom bap production style and melodic jazz and soul samples. The 23-year old producer has released three full-length albums, 2013's "Return to the Golden Era" with Emcee Awon, 2014's "Stories from the Brass Section" with Anti Lilly and "Dephacation" with Awon & Dephlow. As well as a series of 6 remix tapes between 2011-2014. 

Six weeks after producing the collaborative effort "Dephacation" with Virginia Emcee's Awon & Dephlow, the sleepless Portland, Maine Beatsmith Phoniks releases a new 8-track remix tape for free download through his website. Known for his classic boom bap sound Phoniks is closing out a year long run that has seen him rise out of complete obscurity last July to produce 3 full-length albums and 4 mix tapes, amassing millions of Soundcloud plays and several Bandcamp chart toppers in the process.

"Summer Nights" is an upbeat collection of 8 remixes featuring tracks like Jay-Z's "Change Clothes" and Nas "Thief's Theme" given new life through the use of swinging jazz and funk rhythms. The album is being released as a free download on June 21st to celebrate the first day of Summer and should become a fan favorite for HipHop heads looking for new Summer cruising music.

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