Tuesday, June 10, 2014

D'zyl 5k1 - "Papers" - {Video}

Uproar Nation's own D'zyl 5k1 (pronounced Diesel 5001) is a lyrical beast just listen to his madness it's insanely impossible to imitate. His new,
double cd, entitled, "The Sauce"-Released in April 2014, is irrefutable proof that he is here to contribute his ideals on
a grand scale. He believes that your only limitation is your imagination, or lack thereof. This latest release of his, 
consists of one disk being his personal album, and the other disk-a collaboration album comprised of songs that 
he has been working on with others since his last album, 2012's "Not Your Average Bear". They are to be viewed as 
two separate Cds, but part of the same body of work, for he created them simultaneously ..all the while putting 
out an EP, "D'zyl Prime", and a group Cd, "MAximum Capacity"-both in 2013.  His second single, "Papers," Is an inspirational
declaration of ownership, empowerment, and self acceptance. Directed by Art Barz.  I also a an extra video called "RampageD'zyl 5k1, King Jesk, and True Am as Maximum Capacity featuring Dlemmuh, this is one of my favorite tracks and it goes hard.



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