Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lost Dialect - "Dirty Roads" (Ft. Rick Gonzalez) - {Video}

This group Lost Dialect takes me back to the "Golder Era" of HipHop when you needed  to have"Bars" in order to compete or be apart of culture.  Coming out of Inglewood, CA this group has been on their grind since 2007 when the added their 3rd member J.Qwest. The other two ActRight, known as the Brain and Mistah Redd better known as the Muscle of the group have been rockin' the mic for quite some time before meeting J.Qwest.  I'm just glad they didn't give up on their dreams, with numerous EP releases like #PrimeDialect, which was released last month.  Checkout the video below there is a hidden message in it and then go out and support these true wordsmith's of HipHop.  Or don't go out, just check them out here www.lostdialect.com

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