Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mr Morbid & Melph Set Release Their Latest LP "Close To The End" - {Audio}

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Mr. Morbid & Melph is a hardcore HipHop duo from the Netherlands. The two met each other in 2002, after both being around in the underground HipHop scene for quite a while.
The duo released their first song in 2006, titled “Alone in the Dark” featuring Lord Lhus and Venom.
In 2011 they released their 7 tracks EP “Release The Demons”, featuring the underground classic “My Type of Sh#!”.
After playing numerous gigs in 2012 (domestic and international) the two felt the time was right to start working on a full length album.
Early 2013, Mr. Morbid & Melph announced their forthcoming album titled “Close To The End”, scheduled for release March 25th on Akkie Records.

Close To The End Tracklist:
#01. Close To The End
#02. It’s Like Clockwork
#03. Turn The Page
#04. Full Circle
#05. The Void Featuring J Spine
#06. Flamethrower
#07. The Struggle Part II
#08. Lifestyles Of The Living Dead Featuring Ill Proceeja & Arvid from Outburst
#09. Living 2 Die
#10. Love Is A Myth Featuring Kid Fade
#11. The Death Cult
#12. Vile & Venomous Featuring Little Vic, Eternel, Majesty & Venom
#13. RoXXXanne
#14. That Type Of Shit Again
#15. Ted Bundy
#16. In The Nighttime
#17. The Bitter Truth Featuring Ana Bz & Ill Proceeja
#18. It Never Ends
#19. Turn The Page Metal Remix Featuring Lennard from Gilo, Django from Pelgrim & Arvid from Outburst

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