Sunday, October 6, 2013

F.O.Y. - "Hip Hop Ambien" - Audio Download

Hip Hop Ambien is the debut single from the Fountain of Youth, three Boston Emcees making eternal music.  Jeffriel Lichtenberg, otherwise known as Jeffrey iLL, is a young, pioneering Emcee and audio engineer (creating new standards in both vocals and lyricism) from Malden, Massachusetts. Chin, born Christian Manning, a graffiti art behemoth and hip-hop prodigy from the same Greater Boston city.  Terrence 'Phaçade' Bordenave, the last third of the trio and Somerville native, raises the bar in wordplay and realism to a new level. Together the three form The Fountain of Youth [F.O.Y]. One White. One Spanish. One Black. FOY represents a new generation of Hip-Hop heads who are more in tuned with the spirit that once made Hip-Hop so great. "With the Fountain of Youth, Hip-hop doesn't die. It lives forever."

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