Saturday, June 22, 2013

King K.O.N.G. - "K.O.N.G." EP - Audio Download

 K.O.N.G.  Kreator Of The New Generation is a self-proclaimed philosophy driven by the belief that true talent can be found anyplace in the world.  In this competitive industry there is a stampede of individuals that believe they can improve this industry, and strive within it.  His mindset is a bit grander.  I believe that this industry has become over-saturated with similar talent and similar quality.  I believe stories like these are missing in HipHop nowadays.  It is the unique that will thrive in this industry, and it is the motivated that will change it for the better.  The K.O.N.G. EP is a mix of both old and new styles of hip-hop.  Classic HipHop beats produced by Fallacy and mastered by JGramm.  This is a bold move by a very talented Emcee check out the album below.

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